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Our company implemented design works and manufacturing of various medical and laboratory equipment under the name of Ataker Labaratory Equipments between the years of 1985 – 2002.

Starting from the year of 2000, since our company aimed at to make production in different sectors, the studies were focused on chemical product dosage systems.

Since the beginning of 2002, our company continues its activities under the name of Ataker Dosing Systems Trade and Industry Ltd. Co. which was established exactly for this purpose.

From the beginning of its foundation Ataker Dosing Systems, without acting as a dealer or representative of any company, only produces its own design works and markets them. Therefore, our customers do not have any problem in acquiring spare parts as well as the company has ability to give rapid and complete servicing and maintenance works.

As it happened up until now, Ataker Dosing Systems will continue its business to meet customers’ demand and needs as a company being customer-oriented and makes up the principle of fair trade rules.

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Quality Policy

As one of the leading companies in Dosing Systems Industry, Ataker Dosing System Ltd. Co., aims to create value for all stakeholders with continuous improvement and development.

To achieve this goal is our commitments;

  • Continuous improvement and development
  • In light of the importance of customer value, improving the quality of service offered.
  • Constantly improving the quality of the products offered to the customers, by following the latest technological developments.
  • To take customer satisfaction as top corporate value.
  • Having open communication with employees to ensure their satisfaction.
  • Provide healthy and safe working environments for employees.
  • Emphasis environmental values, reducing the waste and consumption of natural resources.
  • Being a law-abiding company for local, national and international requirements and laws.
  • Meeting the requirements of ISO 9001 management system standards.

We aware that all our stakeholders’ opinions and suggestions will contribute while we’re achieving our goals.

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